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About Me


イラストレーター ・絵本作家。千葉県在住。絵本、 博物館展示用イラスト、装画、挿画、カレンダーイラスト、インテリアフレーム等の制作を中心に活動。『 ぼくたちいちばん!』(評論社)、『遠野宮守 銀河ステーションプラットホーム壁画』、『東京国際キルトフェスティバル「四代作家がつづる若草物語」公式ガイドブック挿絵』など。イラストレーターズ通信会員。

Kotoe Tojo


Born in Yamaguchi, now living in Chiba. A member of illustrators Tsushin. 

After Graduating from Joshibi University of Art and Design, worked at a design company, then experienced an assistant of the illustrator. Currently, working as a freelance illustrator from 2016. 

While working as an assistant of the illustrator,  involved in creating illustration used for museum, coloring and design of kid’s book. Beside of the work, as an freelance, worked on illustration for book cover, textbook and magazine, sold her own art works. In 2017, publishing her first kid’s book. 

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